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What’s there to know about Asian dating?

Asian dating is a very popular niche in this area of the Internet – mostly on account of the Japanese women, although there are also other contributors. Regardless of the causes, there are right there amongst the most requested Google entries, much more popular than even Russian women.

Basic Things About Asian Dating
Asian Dating Basics

The causes aren’t hard to explain, and the more important part is explaining how this area of expertise even works. What’s here to do? How to get laid? What are the consequences, dangers? These are the usual questions, although they can often be phrased differently.

Here’s all you need to know about this genre of dating.


This, for the lack of the more precise term, genre of dating has been on the rise for much longer than you might think. It goes way back – actually, to the 90s and even beyond. Well, naturally, people wouldn’t be able to date the Asian women with as much efficiency as now, but the weird fascination has been going strong for many decades.

Asian Women Dating Background
Background Of Asian Women Dating

The reason is simple, actually – it’s the Japanese, once again.

History of this phenomenon

The Japanese have a strange (by the Western standards, at least) sex culture. There have long been numerous products meant to relieve overworked people of their sexual tension. In the Informational Era and the surge of Globalization, it soon became clear that the Japanese sexualize everything if given the chance.

A lot of their media products featured mature themes long before the Sexual Revolution reached its peak in the West. In the 90s, when it was rampant, people became very inspired by the Japanese and their adult media. And that lead to the Japanese women being overly sexualized, naturally.

Not to mention that the Japanese actively exploited this for their gain, creating lots of adult movies for the Western markets. On an individual level, people who look Japanese create fake account on mature websites such as escort services.

Asian Woman Selfie
Taking A Selfie

And that, in turn, lead to the people who look (in the Western eyes) identical to the Japanese (such as Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese and others) to exploit this, as well. Basically, the Nips have been pioneers, and everyone else quickly hopped onto the trend.

When you search for ‘Asian dating’ services and apps, you probably imagine the Japanese people, even if you probably don’t mean to narrow the search that down. 

But consider this – Asia also includes Hindu people, Middle-Easterners, Indonesian peoples and many other nations that look nothing like what you picture when you think of a usual ‘Asian’. It doesn’t have everything to do with the dating business, but it’s certainly a contributor.

In short, one of the reasons why people believe the Asian people to be cute and attractive is Japanese entertainment media.

The state of the genre

This preference to dating is extremely popular. It is right there with Russian, Latino and Scandinavian dating, but probably much more celebrated.

However, it’s much easier to date Asians than it is to date all of these groups – specifically because Asians (or rather East-Asians) are much more numerous and spread out. There are East-Asian communities in even small towns on the other side of the world. The emigration from this region was always very intense.

The Best Asian States For Dating
Top State

This is why you often don’t need to use any specific apps, travel anywhere or make special provisions just to try and match with an Asian girl. It’s completely doable with a good old dating app, such as Tinder.

Using apps

If you are attracted to the Asian people not just because of how they look and for an exotic intimate experience (so to speak), then you can freely use the dating apps and they’ll rip you the necessary results:

  1. Install one of the popular mobile dating apps;
  2. Create an account there;
  3. Set preferences;
  4. Start going through the matches
Asian Top Dating Apps
Use Asian Dating Apps

The only problem with this approach is that not all mobile apps have the sort of preference settings you’d want. There have actually been protests not long ago that ended up in Tinder and several other prominent apps removing the ethnicity, race and nationality preferences from their search settings.

Tinder and Bumble

That basically means that you’ll have to do without just blatantly using Tinder to look for people based on their appearance alone. Admittedly, it sounds a bit like stalking if you put it like that. 

So, on Tinder and Bumble, you can’t just sort by ‘Asians’ and go through matches close-by based on that. There is a small loophole, however: instead of sorting by appearance, sort by languages. If they still allow it, you can pick English and Chinese to look for Chinese matches. This doesn’t guarantee results, but it’s certainly an opportunity.

Bumble Hookup App In Asia
The Best Tinder Hookup

On Bumble, it’s a bit better. You still can’t sort by ethnicity, but they do have an extensive tag feature that allows you to put many of them on your profile page, and there are languages – unless they removed it, that is. They get wise to these tricks, you know.


If you really like Tinder or Bumble (or if you paid full subscription for them and don’t want to bail yet), you can continue using them and trying to squeeze Asian-looking people out of the matching algorithm.

Badoo Woman Online Hookup
Cute Badoo Woman

However, you can just use Badoo. In terms of functionality, this app is very similar to the two other apps we discussed. However, by contrast, they have an extensive system of search parameters that also includes ethnicity. Basically, you can just pick ‘Asians’ and you’ll be given a number of matches that listed themselves as ‘Asian’.

That’s actually the best solution for this problem. Now, it has some problems, and in some aspects Tinder and Bumble are still better. But then again, this simplifies the issue very much.

Other services

Besides the usual dating apps, you can also use other types of services meant to bring you closer to other people, so to speak. For different purposes, there are different solutions – for instance:

  1. Webcam and chat services;
  2. Hookup services
  3. Escort services

These are generally meant for a more sex-oriented approach. The dating apps are surely used to get laid, but these were created to either get laid or just get you excited the other way – like with webcam services, which are basically porn websites with extra steps.

Webcam and chat services are rife with people of Asian appearance – a lot of this is business sphere (chats maybe not so much), and the entertainers that work here know how a lot of people feel about women from East Asia. That’s why there are just so many of Asian performers.

Online Hookup Services
Top Hookup Services

That’s the same with escort services. These are meant for people who actively look for a sex worker of their preference in the vicinity. These services, unlike many apps, still have and will always have appearance settings, where you can specify what ethnicity, race and general origin you want your escort provider to be.

Now, the hookup services are a bit different. They are very much like dating apps, but with a noticeable shift towards intimacy. Tinder is borderline a hookup service because a lot of Tinder users actively want to get laid. There are many other apps where this shift is much more pronounced.

However, you are not advised to visit these websites without at least a proper VPN protection. Let’s talk safety.

Security issues

When you enter this niche in hopes of getting laid, you’ll eventually place your gaze on two categories of websites:

  1. Ads listing services;
  2. Special Asian dating apps

The first category is a common type of escort services. These websites have numerous categories of services and products where people from the same area as you post ads about selling something. Many have adult sections where providers actively offer sex services.

Top Hookup Asian App
Private Asian Dating

Some of them are exclusively escort providing services where adult services are the only type of commodity.

The problem with them is that they aren’t usually protected properly. Most websites do not even require clients to register, they just allow them to roam and call whoever they wish (the providers are prompted to leave their phone numbers in the open). Similarly, there are also many fakes and scammers amongst the providers.

If you know how to not get manipulated into paying people up without getting anything in return, then you’re welcome to visit these websites. They websites themselves likely won’t scam or offer you malware. But you are still heavily advised to come protected.

Asia-specific apps 

Apps designed specifically for ‘dating Asians’ have a similar issue. They are often expressively called ‘AsianDating’, ‘AsiaSingles’ or something along these lines. As you can imagine, they don’t care about branding as much as they do about attracting people who like Asians.

It’s also not safe to be here, but for slightly different reasons. The main source of scamming here is fake accounts. There are generally lots of them on an average Asian dating app, although more decent services try to confine the issue. 

Top Asian Dating Source
Specific Asian Dating

Fake accounts are mostly created by the malicious users, although it’s also not uncommon for the software owners themselves to dabble in this practice. They often create these apps and then just pack them in fake photos of attractive Asian women – the trick which often actually brings results.

The best solution

Depending on what you actually want from an Asian match once you meet her (or him), you’ll want different websites. For escorts, you can try something like MegaPersonals, while the usual dating or hookups can be achieved with Badoo easily.

Resolve Dating Problems
Solution To Resolve Problems

Badoo is actually a very sound choice. Most new arrivals would think some Asia-specific app would do the trick, but they aren’t just unsafe oftentimes, they are also undermanned. They are basically a fraction of Badoo’s popularity, and if the latter does the trick, why try anything else.

But yeah, it’s entirely up to you to decide what you want, it’s just a basic overview of what the niche is all about.

What do you do after you find a match?

That’s another solid question that can’t be answered satisfyingly. A lot of people would expect some sort of unified code that could increase your chances of getting a date with an average Asian person, but no. It doesn’t really work like that. 

The common belief is that you need to be ‘polite’ and ‘honorable’, but that’s just belief. True, if you are going for an average Japanese girl that spent most of her life in Japan living in a patrician family, this may be an answer. At the very least, you’ll be told to knock it off if you don’t do it right/act like an idiot.

Romantic Online Match
Romantic Dating App

But the majority of people with East Asian roots are the same sort of people as Westerners, more-or-less. They have their quirks and cultural differences, but they aren’t aliens. If you are a decent person and share some interests with your match, then it may develop into a great relationship.

And if you are going for the looks alone, you need to specifically point out that you’re looking for a hookup or to get laid. That also works, they don’t scoff at it.

Where can I find Asian singles geographically?

As mentioned, the people of Asian descent are very much spread out across the world. However, if your app/service/website need specific location and if you want to establish a long-distance relationship as a result (which is legitimate and valid, by the way), then you shouldn’t necessarily pick the Asian countries. 

Asian Hookup Countries
Top Hookup Countries

On the contrary, if you are unsure if there are big enough Asian communities in one of the cities in your country, you’ll do well do pick one of the English-speaking countries. US, Britain and Australia are three valid choices. Another great pick would be Hong Kong, as people there are ethnically Chinese but also fluent in English.

If you know any other worldwide languages, you can do the same trick for any location with large Asian communities.