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The Truth About Asian Women Dating

asian women dating

Many people have different stereotypes about asian women. Some think they are docile, and others see them as vixens in the bedroom.

Some of these misunderstandings are caused by lack of knowledge about Asian cultures. Therefore, it is important to learn more about these cultures to avoid asian women dating mistakes.

1. Focus on her personality

Asian women are very chatty and they love politeness and simplicity. They are also very hospitable people and they love to help their partners with everything. They like to be listened to and they want their partners to care for them as well as for their family members.

When it comes to romance, Asian women are romantic at heart. They will appreciate small gestures like giving her flowers or gifts and writing her a poem. They will also love surprises.

Most Asian girls think that dating is a serious thing and they don’t play mind games with their men. They will know whether they like you or not after a certain number of dates. And they are loyal to their partners. They don’t want their partners to be chasing other women.

2. Don’t be a smartass

Asians are notorious for their love of spicy food. So, if you date an Asian girl, be prepared to eat some very hot and very tasty foods.

Also, be aware of their strong aversion to dog meat. This is due to the fact that in Asia, dogs are considered to be dirty and unclean.

Avoid dating an Asian man who is a white supremacist or harbors the “white savior complex.” If your date starts waxing philosophic about their travels in Asia to impress you, it’s probably a red flag.

Another red flag is when your date starts speaking in an Asian language to impress you. It’s probably a sign that they are trying to fetishize you. Avoid this by telling them that you prefer to speak in English.

3. Don’t talk about her culture

If you’re dating an Asian woman, don’t be the guy who talks about her culture all the time. This is annoying and it shows you that you don’t really know her. It’s also a big turnoff for her.

Instead of appreciating her culture, you seem to only think about it as something exotic and different. This is a form of cultural fetishisation that makes it hard for Asian women to see themselves as fully integratable into society.

When L began hearing from men online that she looked like a “docile Asian girl” or that she was “available” for white male consumption, she knew it wasn’t flattery or a compliment. It was a threat to her safety and self-esteem. And she was tired of it.

4. Don’t rush into things

Asian women love romantic gestures. It’s a part of their culture and they expect their partners to do the same. They appreciate when you buy her flowers, write her a love poem or invite her to a romantic date.

Asian girls are loyal to their partners. They want a man who is respectful and treats them well. They want a man who respects their family and traditions.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not open to interracial dating. Some Asian women are willing to marry outside their race and that is a decision they’ve made after much thought. They don’t take it lightly. This can be difficult to understand for someone who has never dated an Asian woman before. The key is to avoid fetishization.

5. Don’t talk about sex

Unlike Western women, Asian women don’t tend to jump straight to dirty talks after a few dates. Most are very shy and don’t open up about sex very easily. They are also very family-centered and see themselves as extremely close to their families.

As such, they don’t really want to be a “sex object” for white men. But the fetishization of Asian women has become so widespread that some even feel harassed for dating outside their race.

In fact, actresses Constance Wu and Lana Condor have faced backlash for dating non-Asian men. And activist and Instagrammer Lillian Yuen runs a popular account where she showcases the racist DMs she receives on dating apps. These experiences have pushed her to reclaim her identity. “I have to make sure that my own narrative and my experience is seen as valid,” she says.